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Going To Warped Tour? Need Some Advice?

rockmichelle Jun 19, 2013 Originally by sarascoggins

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Hey pals!

So I know a lot of you are VERY excited for Warped Tour this summer and some of that excitement might stem from nerves/the unknown. I can remember my first Warped back in 2002 and having butterflies the day before. What was it going to look like? How do I find my way around? Where can I find information on the bands? All the same sort of "first day of school" nerves were coursing through my body.

A few of my Warped Tour ticket stubs, I have even more. 

Well I would like to help any of you with anything you want to know/need advice on before you head out into the sun. I have been to Warped Tour as a fan, press and just to go hang out and support friends on the tour. I am happy to give any advice/answer any questions you might have as you head towards what will be one of your "best days ever."

Also, if you plan on heading to San Diego, Pomona and Ventura please come by and find me at the Buzznet tent.. I would LOVE to meet as many of you guys as possible and show off some cool new Buzznet features.

Anyway, leave your questions here, tweet me -- whatever; I am here to help you out. Because let's face it, #musicrules.

See ya in the pit! 

Warped Tour coming to Holland FOR THE FIRST TIME!

rockmichelle Jun 18, 2013

As every Buzznet-user I too know about Warped Tour. But due to the fact that Warped never came to Holland, my dream to ever visit Warped flew away. BUT! This year is gonna be diffrent, because.....


Although the news has been long known here in Holland, more and more news is coming out and I just wanted you guys to know about it. The event will happen on November 10th 2013 in Klokgebouw Eindhoven. The doors will open on 11.00 AM and first performances will start on 12.00 AM. The last band of the day will end around 21.00 PM.

So far there have been 21 names announced. There are still some to be announced, though. The 3 headliners are ALL announced; Parkway Drive, Billy Talent and Enter Shikari.

Enter Shikari

Parkway Drive

Billy Talent

Other bands are: Yellowcard, Memphis May Fire, Like Moths To Flames, Escape The Fate, The Maine, We Came As Romans, The Charm The Fury, Like Torches, Skinny Lister, Sublime With Rome, Anberlin, Chiodos, Crossfaith, Hacktivist, John Coffey, RDGLDGRN, The Color Morale and The Wonder Years.

There are already 2 video messages from the bands Like Torches and RDGLDGRN. 

LT video message:

RDGLDGN video message:

So, since it will be the first time for Warped Tour to come to Holland this is going in the history books of Warped (to my opinion anyway). I just can''t wait to experience not only my, but also Hollands' first Warped Tour. Please, share me your first Warped Tour memories. I will keep you guys update ofcourse. And for now, enjoy some songs of the listed bands. :)

Escape The Fate - You're Insane

Memphis May Fire - Vices

The Color Morale - Strange Comfort

Album Review: 'Fashionably Late' Falling In Reverse

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Although Fashionably Late has been streaming for a while now, today is its official release date! The 13-track album (non-deluxe) has both ups and downs and has been criticized for being a bit different than their debut album The Drug in Me Is You. Even though this album is different, it features new aspects that we haven’t seen from Falling In Reverse.

The first track sets the stage for the entire album. “Champion” starts out exactly how you think it would, but it then goes into a rap bit. This is the sign that this isn’t your classic FIR album.

The next track, “Bad Girls Club” is very reminiscent of MySpace era songs. Don’t take that the wrong way, though! I honestly really like this song. It’s fun and has a good beat. I do agree with the majority that thinks it has a very ‘Avril Lavigne’ tone, which is more comical than anything 

Rolling Stone” is another heavier song. The rap portion comes about half-way through and actually caught me by surprise the first time I heard it. It’s not the best rap part on the album, lyrically-wise, but it isn’t terrible, either. Like I may say many more times, it’s just different.

The album’s namesake song, “Fashionably Late” is probably my favorite song on the album. It has a little immaturity to it (“Without a doubt, sorry about makin’ out with your friends.” You be the judge), but it still has a good set-up and is by far the catchiest on the album.

The fifth song, “Alone” was what set the fan base abuzz with concern when it was released as the first single. Being heavier on the rap side, it was almost a culture shock for some. It may be my least favorite on the album, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good song. I appreciate whole-heartedly that Ronnie’s doing what he wants. 

Born To Lead” is the sixth song on the album. I’m a huge fan of the guitar solo in this. The lyrics aren’t bad, but album-wise, there are better. I do like the song, though. It has a nice feel to it and a good message behind the lyrics.

Next up is “It’s Over When It’s Over”. This song talks about Ronnie’s journey and struggles. This is another one of my favorites on the album. It’s personal and there’s nothing I like more than seeing into the reasoning behind a song.

Game Over” is my all-time favorite. I may be partial because I’m a video game nerd, but this song is just too fun to deny. The idea of a music video for this would be amazing. I can only imagine the creative things Ronnie would do with this.

 The ninth song is “Self-Destruct Personality”. It’s another one of the heavier songs on the album. Although this song has a rap breakdown in it, at this point in the album, you stop caring about the format the lyrics come in and begin caring more about the music itself.

The next song is “F**k The Rest”. This is one of the few, rare songs that actually bring a smile to my face. It starts out with his dog, “Charlie”, barking and Ronnie pleading for him to quiet down so that he can sing. I’m a sucker for anything animal-related, so it got me right from the start. It’s also well-written and catchy as it gets.

Keep Holding On” is the next song on the album. It’s heartfelt and personal. It’s also a slower song with piano as the main background instrument. Even though Ronnie can come off as cocky at some times, this song shows just how grateful he is for his success.

Drifter” is the album’s final song. I truly love this song. I like the more nonconventional approach towards it. Another very personal song, it’s a good way to end the album.

Even though this album wasn’t what was expected from a lot of fans, it’s well put together and well-written. The music itself is great; the rapping may just take some of us a bit of time to get used to. Altogether, though, this is an album that’s likely to have at least one song on it that you’ll enjoy. So check it out!



YouTube: Fashionably Late Stream


Falling In Reverse:

What do you think about the new Falling In Rever album? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

Hot Men In Suits

rockmichelle Jun 07, 2013

There are girls out there that like the well-tanned Jersey Shore-kind of guy. But there are also some girls who'd rather see a man dressed in a gorgeous suit.

There's just something about a man wearing a suit. They look mysterious, casual, but sexy and sweet at the same time. Just yummy!

Here are actually some of my favourites:


 Chris Motionless


 Jack Barakat

Jared Leto

Robert Pattinson

Here's a link to the gallery 'Men in suits are hot!'. If you like to see other men in suits as well, just comment below this blog or one of the photos in the gallery. :)


Demi Lovato Signed A Suicide Contract And Sends Support To Paris Jackson

rockmichelle Jun 06, 2013 Originally by amypiehoneybunch

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Our girl, Demi has always been very open and honest about her internal struggles. The 20 year-old singer opened up to Rolling Stone about her early battle with depression: 

"The principal called my parents and made me sign this suicide contract saying that I would not kill myself [when I had suicidal thoughts at age seven]. They weren’t expecting that so young." 

She added, "My parents were like, 'You have two choices. We can either just shut it down and not talk about it, or you can tell people what’s up,'" Lovato told the magazine. "There was no hesitation, really. I opened up that gate."

Today the heart-attack singer sent her well wishes to Paris Jackson who attempted suicide yesterday saying: 

"Dear Paris Jackson, don't let bullies to let you down, we believe in you!! Stay strong, Please."

:'( We hope Paris is doing well -- and seriously guys if you or someone you know needs help, please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). ♥



Motionless In White's New Video 'America' Is Finally Here

rockmichelle Jun 04, 2013

After waiting patiently for Motionless In White's new video, it's finally there!

Once again, the guys from MIW have slammed the truth right into our faces with their new music video 'America'. As we already know, these guys never release a video or song that doesn't have a meaning behind it.

As we watch the video run, you'll see people from an other bands aswell. In case you don't know who I'm talking about, I'll just spit it out for you: Shawn 'Clown' Crahan from Slipknot and Ashley Costello from News Years Day. Not only is mr. Clown the crazy ringmaster in the video, he's also the director of this masterpiece.

But the release of 'America' didn't went as smoothly as the band intended it to be. They were actually dissapointed that it wasn't avaible in all countries right away. But after a while of figuring things out, ALL the fans from all the countries were able to view this video.

Like I said in the beginning of this blog, MIW never releases a video or song without a meaning in it. So of course, 'America' has one as well. And it is to our lovely mr. Chriss 'Motionless' Cerulli to explain the meaning to us. 

Chris Motionless (taken from Facebook):

"The video coupled with lyrics to the song America are about nothing more than the cold hard truth. Every image and character presented in this video were crafted by clown and myself down to the finest of details to portray a metaphorical visual of all the messages the lyrics convey. The strung out popstar/actress, the corrupt, oil profit hungry politician, the glutton representing the fast food industry, the pedophile priest, the temptress women and so on. All characters clearly found within the lyrics. I've forever been a fan of the saying "art imitates life" and that was the main inspiration behind the concept. Working with clown has been a highlight of both of my life and career. Brilliant and maniacal is his mind and I cannot imagine having brought my concept to anyone else to properly accomplish my vision. Truly a pleasure.

Motionless has never been a band to release a video that has been without our efforts to either attempt to open people's eyes, change the way they perceive day to day life occurrences or to inspire someone to look past the obstacles in their way and conquer their hesitations to truly be happy with themselves. With that being said, this video highly focuses on realizing the truth of your surroundings. To understand that the world is totally
fucked and although its not going to change any time soon, you can take solace in know that your fucked up life is just one of a incredibly vast amount and there's plenty of humor to be found when you allow yourself to accept everything and just be happy being you. Just one of the free, the sick and the depraved. "

Well said, Chris. :)

As for myself, I find the video really awesome and down-to-the-point. They really show us the dark side of Hollywood. And not in the 'politically correct' way, but with the full blown, cold, hard words that alot of us alway seem to ignore. Or seem to try to  cover up.

I really like to know your opinion about the 'America' video. And you should watch. 'Cause it's a kick ass, straight up video.

Check out the band We The Collectors!

rockmichelle May 17, 2013

Two days ago I got a message from Chucky Guzman on Tumblr asking me in I could check out his band called We The Collectors. Here's the message:


So as I typed in 'We The Collectors' in on YouTube I came across this awesome song from their debut EP called 'We The Collectors'. The song's name is 'The Burden Of Memory'.


My advice: Go check these guys out! They're really good and just starting. Spread the word and let's help them break through.

Now, at little history on this band and everything.

The band consist of Joey Holiday (clean vocals),

Adam Ramey (vocals (and screams I think)),

Daniel Hitchcock (guitar),

Chucky Guzman (guitar)

and Tre Scott (bass & programming).

This post-hardcore band was founded in Phoenix, Arizona.

They've already performed some shows, including one with the band The World Alive. The guys from WTC alo do alot of tinychat session with their fans. And on tonight, on Friday April 17th, around 7PM (Arizona time), they'll have another tinychat session. AND they'll be streaming one of their brand new songs!

Here's the link to download their EP:

Download EP

Link to their webstore:

We The Collectors webstore

And here are their Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube:

WTC tumblr

WTC twitter

WTC facebook

WTC youtube

Band members twitter:

Joey Holiday twitter

Adam Ramey twitter

Daniel Hitchcock twitter

Chucky Guzman twitter

Tre Scott twitter

As they'll bring out anything new in the future, I'll keep you updated. ;)

It's all about prom!

rockmichelle Apr 22, 2013

So, with my own prom coming up I've been so excited about everything can contains prom. Clothing, the music, the vehicles. Especially the clothing. There are alot of diffrent ways to dress yourelf as a young lady going to her prom and still be standing out. So this blog (and possibly a gallery) will not be about the prom dress you usually see, but it will be about the prom dress that's crazy andd not something that you see every prom.

Prom used to be the first grown up social event for teenagers to be held after dark. It was similiar to cummunion or a wedding, for it being a new stage in a teenager's life. Some may even believe that prom used to be an announcement for a engagement.

I'm really excited for my own prom, but also a little bit scared. So I wanna know YOUR prom stories. Tell me about them in the comment section. :)

Click here to see the gallery. It will be updated.

Feather accessories make your heart fly

rockmichelle May 25, 2012

Lately I've been really into accessories with feathers. So I went searching on the internet and found all of these amazing accessories with feathers. Maybe I'll make some things with feathers myself? Anyway, here are some of them. I hope you like them. Enjoy xx.


White widoW is now Blacklisted Me + more updates about them

rockmichelle May 24, 2012

As you all know I've been blogging and posting stuff about this band called White Widow. Well, since I've been away from BuzzNet there has been some changing revolving about them. Here they all are:

* They released as song called 'Blacklisted Me'. This old version still has Samie included. Here's a link to the audio:

* They changed their name from White Widow to Blacklisted Me.

* There's a website for Blacklisted Me called And this the webshop:

* Samie left the band. Blacklisted Me became Lexus's solo-project.

* Lexus released one song featuring Nicholas Matthews called 'Breathe'.

* Lexus and Nick released one song under the name Nixis called 'Run Out'. Now it's a song by Blacklisted Me (read futher why it's a song by Blacklisted Me now).

* Lexus released one song all by herself in Blacklisted Me called 'Emerald Eyes'. She's planning on making a video for this song just like there is for 'Reprobate Romance'.

* Nicholas Matthews and Lexus got married. After this Nick joined Blacklisted Me.

* They recentley re-released 'Blacklisted Me'. On this new version you'll hear Nick instead of Samie and a few lyric changes. 

* The new song will be called 'Poison Paranoia'.

And there's still more to come. Let me know if you like Nick in the band and the new songs or not...

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